Coach Wes stands as a beacon of tennis expertise at Essex Heights, boasting a rich and diverse coaching history spanning seven successful years across multiple prestigious venues. With an impressive record of delivering over 5000 coaching sessions, Coach Wes has become a sought-after mentor for players of all levels, from beginners seeking the basics to seasoned competitors aspiring for high-level excellence.

In addition to his prowess in traditional coaching, Coach Wes has embraced expanded roles, showcasing his versatility and commitment to holistic player development. His responsibilities extend beyond the court, encompassing match play supervision, dynamic cardio tennis sessions, and tailored coaching for adults seeking to enhance their tennis

Off the coaching court, Coach Wes transforms into a formidable competitor, representing Essex Heights in the highest WDTA competition grade. Saturday afternoons find him in action, demonstrating the same passion and skill that he instils in his students. As a State Grade Player and Club Champion of Grace Park Tennis Club, Coach Wes brings his wealth of competitive experience to every coaching session.

On the courts, Coach Wes is not just a coach but a State Grade Player and the esteemed Club Champion of Grace Park Tennis Club. His journey in organized tennis has seen him compete at the pinnacle of the sport in both singles and doubles, attaining a level of excellence that sets him apart. As a player, Wes has left his mark in National Junior Tournaments and Australian Money Tournaments, a testament to his dedication and skill.

Frequently gracing the courts in WDTA Competition and Tennis Victoria Pennant competitions, Coach Wes brings a wealth of firsthand experience to his coaching. His deep understanding of the game, combined with a passion for nurturing talent, makes him an invaluable asset to the Essex Heights tennis community.

In every lesson, Coach Wes brings not only technical expertise but also a contagious enthusiasm for the sport. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps or a seasoned player aiming for the next level, Coach Wes is your guide to unlocking your full tennis potential. Join him on Fridays at Essex Heights and witness the seamless blend of coaching
mastery and competitive spirit that defines his approach to the game.

Experience: 7+ years
Sessions Delivered: 5000+
Locations: Essex Heights