Coach Keyan is a highly experienced and passionate tennis coach based at our Ashburton venue. With over 4 years of coaching experience across multiple venues, Coach Keyan has delivered over 2500+ sessions to players of all levels, from beginners to high-level competitors.

Coach Keyan is renowned for his ability to connect with players and help them achieve their goals on the court. He has a wealth of experience in coaching, and is capable of coaching players at all levels, from those just starting out to those competing at the highest levels of competition.

In addition to his coaching duties, Coach Keyan has expanded his role to include junior competition convening, match play supervision, and cardio tennis. He is a dedicated and passionate coach who is committed to helping his players reach their full potential.

Coach Keyan also brings a wealth of experience as a player to his coaching, having played National Junior Tournaments and Australian Money Tournaments, as well as frequently competing in WDTA Competition and Tennis Victoria Pennant competition. This experience gives him a unique perspective and allows him to provide valuable insights and advice to his players.

Overall, Coach Keyan is an exceptional coach with a deep passion for tennis and a commitment to helping his players succeed. His expertise, experience, and dedication make him a valuable member of any tennis program, and his players consistently rave about his coaching style and the results they achieve under his guidance.

Experience: 4+ years
Sessions Delivered: 2500+
Locations:  Ashburton and Essex Heights